When An RP Game Master Becomes Tech Support And You Just Want to Play Your Damn Game!


Blizzard Support – Chat Transcript

MY QUESTION: For some reason my Diablo 3 account is under another name. I have the box with the Key code in front of me, but I dont know why I would use a different email when I have had this email since World of Warcraft vanilla release! My husband says he sees two of me on his Battle.net friends list.

Info: A representative will be with you shortly.  Thank you for your patience.

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Info: You have been connected with Valaladur. Please allow Valaladur a few moments to review your ticket. Thank you.
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Valaladur: Hello, Hello! This is Game Master Valaladur the “Impalalaer” here to stake this issue into the ground! How are you today?🙂

Kat: Hello Val. I am good thank you.

Valaladur: That is great!😀 Could I get your first and last name to get started here?🙂

Kat: Katlin Mahoney

Valaladur: Well that is a lovely name ^_^ Could I get the emails to both accounts if you are able to do so?🙂
Valaladur: Do you like cats?

Kat: The main account is *****  for username *****, but I don’t know the email for the *****.

Kat: And no I hate cats actually lol they are evil, took over Egypt too easily =D

Valaladur: Haha, cat’s did take over Egypt! They are indeed evil, but they are a laugh to me😛 So let’s see if we can answer this question for the ***** account. What was *****?

Kat: *****

Valaladur: Woo!
Valaladur: This is the email for the account ****
Valaladur: 🙂

Kat: okay, is there a way I can merge my accounts?

Valaladur: So on the ***** account, it only has a WoW starter account
Valaladur: Now I understand you are trying to find D3 right?

Kat: correct, it is an old account and I think when I input the Diablo account, I was logged into that one so it went under that account, but I no longer use it.

Valaladur: Right on🙂
Valaladur: I think I found it🙂
Valaladur: Name of your *****?

Kat: *****

Valaladur: This would be an old answer
Valaladur: You’re on top of it now!

Kat: lol! I’m desperate to replay my D3, cant come between a girl gamer and her video games I guess lol

Valaladur: Well, I couldddd jusssstttt draaaaagggg
Valaladur: itttttttt
Valaladur: outtttttttt
Valaladur: Totally kidding
Valaladur: I would never do that🙂

Kat: You’re lucky you’re avatar is cute then!

Valaladur: I think he’s large :O


Valaladur: So in order for me to actually move this D3 over, I would need a photo of your ID to be able to verify the account fully, would this be okay with you?
Valaladur: ***** is the email by the way

Kat: omg that was an old one =(

Valaladur: It’s all good😛

Kat: Yes where can I send the photo ID?

Valaladur: Here ya go🙂
Valaladur: Party time!

Kat: i really hate government photos, they are so ugly! Dont laugh!

Valaladur: A Flower for m’lady!

Kat: okay I think I uploaded it?

Valaladur: I got it🙂

Kat: oki ty

Valaladur: I think your photo is lovely🙂
Valaladur: You smile takes it away!
Valaladur: your*

Kat: awwe, and your avatar is lovely too =D

Valaladur: /bows gracefully
Valaladur: So, M’lady Kat I have successfully moved your D3 over for you!

Kat: Thank you kindly Master Valaladur the Mighty “But Too Big”

Valaladur: I am an Impalalaler!

Kat: You are a Grand Master for doing this for me! Thank you!

Valaladur: /bows gracefully You’re clicking these right?

Kat: LOL!!!!!


Kat: Thank you Valaladur! I wish you nothing but many a great tales of cheer and Ale with such lovely wenches to serve thy Game Master! You have been most helpful!

Mahoney Civil War

Expanding Our Imagination Thru Family Cosplay in the Victorian Civil War Era

My family and I had a really great time with this Victorian Civil War photo session. As a family who loves to cosplay we expand on our inner creativity and imagination, so we are constantly finding fun and entertaining things to do together. This photo is one of my favorites. Subscribe to my Facebook page to get more of my cosplay and geek family updates.

Mahoney Civil War _DSC6257

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Independence Day From 23 Years Military Family

As you celebrate your Independence Day, please thank a Veteran for his service in allowing you to celebrate such an important holiday. We miss the military life and would do it all over again despite the harsh environments, long deployments, inconsistent moving, and emotional and mental stress as a family. #ilovebeinganamerican #proudamerican

We share our retirement with you through 23 years of military life.

Happy 4th of July to all my readers, friends, family, and every military veteran I have yet to have the pleasure of thanking.

laughing boy

Finding Humor In Autism …

My 16 year old son has Autism …  I must be careful how I word things.

I asked my son if he could get me “a drink with ice” … Autistic kids do EXACTLY as you say. LOL #ilovemyautisticson






PS: If you find the title politically incorrect, find another blog to read then. I’m not making fun of Autistic kids. I’m making light of having to raise three of them and an Autistic husband! Trust me, it’s not easy!

storm tent

A Campground Microburst

We got hit hard with a surprise microburst while glamping this week in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. ‪The burst knocked down seven full grown trees and tossed tents and tables throughout the campground. Luckily we were okay and our awning was left slightly bruised and bent, but the rest of the week was left hot and muggy. Here’s the video I took of my husband and sons trying to get things picked up as we got instantly hit.

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A Marshmellowed Morning Crisis

So the other morning I woke up with a headache, sinus pressure, congestion, and womanly issues from HELL! Then I make myself some hot chocolate filled to the top with a shit ton of marshmallows, sat down at my desk, thought I felt a bug on me and jumped up so fast, knocking my hot chocolate ALL OVER my desk and computer, down the back of the wall, leaking down the wires of my computer and into the outlets. Spent 3 hours from 6am-9am sitting under my desk taking each wire apart, separating all the computer pieces, and washing the wall, the wires, the computer parts, the rug, and my entire desk (even underneath it)!!

Word of Advice: When you’re spouse asks you what happened, just blame the Dog!